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  • 12 Sizzling Redheads for Saint Patrick's Day
    March 17, 2017
    You can call them redheads, gingers, carrot tops, but one thing remains the same: They are hot. Their fiery red hair mixed with a lighter complexion is an exotic mix that has gifted some of the hottest male celebrities. In honor of Saint Patrick's Day, join me in raising a pint to these gingers who keep us thirsty. KJ Apa Michael Fassbender Michael C. Hall Prince Harry Kevin McKidd Rupert Grint Ewan McGregor Eddie Redmayne Damien Lewis Tom Hiddleston Benedict Cumberbatch Jesse
  • Local Voices: David Goldberg
    March 9, 2017
    “One of my friends once described me as a unicorn. I am gay, white, Jewish and from Laredo -- something that does not exist in reality,” David Goldberg explains. When he first moved to Houston, he didn’t know anyone in the LGBTQ community. So, one of his friends recommended that he volunteer for an organization that's serves that community. “I started to volunteer at Bering Omega,” Goldberg says. “It changed my life. I witnessed firsthand some of...
  • A Conversation with the King
    March 8, 2017
    For Jose Llana, you might say that touring in the role of the King in the current production of The King and I represents a Broadway career coming full circle. His first major role was as the young lover in the revival some 20 years ago and now he's playing the lead as the musical crisscrosses the the country. The show hits The Hobby Center on March 14-19 . We asked Llana about touring life and what it's like acting in a play with themes that seem very relevant today. What made you...
  • 6 Reasons to Watch the Academy Awards
    February 24, 2017
    First of all, I am tired of people calling the Oscars, “The Gay Super Bowl.” The Oscars predate the Super Bowl so if anything the Super Bowl should be called “The Hetero Oscars,” but I digress. Recently, awards show have lost some of their luster since highlight clips are posted on Facebook the following day. However, there is still something fun about watching awards shows live with friends. So grab some wine, food and friends because this year has a lot of reasons...
  • Local Voices: Brad Odom-Harris
    February 14, 2017
    Born-and-raised Houstonian Brad Odom-Harris was the 2016 Male Grand Marshall of Houston Pride, an honor he is rightfully extremely proud of. "It all goes by in a flash," he says. "But I know that along with the other amazing grand marshals before and after me, we have all shared a passion and dedication to making Houston a better place to be out and proud!” Apart from his husband, whom he met ten years ago when Odom-Harris was President of Pride, his loves in life include...
  • Valentine's Day Plans for Singles
    February 13, 2017
    Confession: I am single. Shocker, I know. A fact that rarely crosses my mind unless I am filling out a census form or responding to another RSVP for a friend’s wedding. But there is no shame in being single, even on a day like Valentine’s Day which is a day to celebrate that special connection between two people. As RuPaul proclaims at the end of each episode of Drag Race , “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” So I...
  • Itineraries Based on Lady Gaga Albums
    February 1, 2017
    In early February, the Super Bowl will head to the Bayou City bringing fans from across the nation. If you are anything like me, the Super Bowl is exciting for a few reasons: food, day drinking, commercials, and the halftime act. Last year’s halftime act was the first time Beyonce told us to get in formation which ushered in the beginning of her Lemonade era which lead to the album of the year and an HBO special I still haven’t deleted from my DVR. This year, Lady Gaga will...
  • 15 Hottest Players Coming to the Super Bowl
    January 27, 2017
    Next weekend, Super Bowl LI is coming to the Bayou City. Whether you are excited for the game or just see it as another Sunday, one thing will unite us all: hot football players. These studs from the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons are sure to keep the attention of anyone watching the big game. Tom Brady: New England Patriots Quarterback Matt Ryan: Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Rob Gronkowski: New England Patriots Tight End Paul Worrilow: Atlanta Falcons Tight End Julian Edelman:
  • Local Voices: Tonya Evinger
    January 26, 2017
    Tonya Evinger, a native of Odessa, Missouri, hasn’t lived in Houston long, but she’s quickly making her mark on H-Town. “I am quick to jump in on things like the recent fundraising auction at Pearl Bar and I often work with self-defense events at my local gym,” she says. Evinger is a professional athlete so most of her hobbies involve sports in one way or another, making training her work and her play. Helping out in the community is one of the few things that Evinger...
  • Hamburger Mary’s Rockets to Houston
    January 23, 2017
    Update: Hamburger Mary's opened February 9! In the coming month, Houston will open the doors to the first Hamburger Mary’s to hit the Lone Star State in many years. Located in the heart of Montrose, 2409 Grant St., the LGBT-friendly restaurant will offer fabulous family dining and will also serve as a bar/entertainment venue at night. The original Hamburger Mary’s opened in San Francisco in 1972 as “an open-air bar and grille for open minded people.” The...