Magical Dessert Bar

(877) 415-3330
907 Westheimer Road | Houston, TX 77006

The Unicorn Magical Dessert Bar showers Montrose with scads of sparkly ice creams, lemonades, hot chocolates and other sweet treats.

Not your typical dessert spot, this shop serves up ice cream topped with a full slice of cake, lemonade with a cotton candy “cloud” garnish, cake pops, cookies, donuts, macarons and other unicorn-themed treats. Everything on the menu is a colorful, Instagrammable masterpiece with flavor explosions and topped with rainbow magic.

The very pink and rainbow decorated atmosphere is a magical spot for the unicorn-obsessed child or adult, or just anyone who likes to enjoy an abundance of sugar in one sitting! Most popular on the menu? Unicorn milkshakes, deemed a "whole meal", comes topped with a full slice of cake on top. Flavored lemonades are also high on the list, served with cotton cottom candy clouds and colorfully lit cups.