Greater Houston Soaring Association

(866) 478-2323
22802 Cessna Rd | Needville, TX 77461

The extreme sport of soaring uses sailplanes for motor-less flight so people can experience the feeling of soaring or gliding through the air.

Located just east of Wallis, Texas, The Greater Houston Soaring Association offers gliding every weekend, weather permitting. Soaring in modern sailplanes gives you the opportunity to fly like the eagles. Today's sailplanes can fly for hours and cover great distances.

Here’s how it works: the launch of the sailplane can be done in two ways. The sailplane is either towed into the air by the power plane and released at a specific height or it’s boosted through a self-launching motor glider. Towed up to 5000 ft., the power plane releases you and you sail through the air. Exhilaration—immense. Experience—intense.

To fly a glider, you must be at least 14 years old and in good health. If you are a beginner, you are required to do a demo/Introductory ride with a co-pilot lasting 30 minutes and costing $75 if you are over 21 and $60 if you are under 21. Glider rental is $24/hour and prices go up as the height of your tow increases. It takes about 35-45 flights before you can pilot solo, depending how often you go and how experienced you are.

Appointment scheduling for both rides and lessons begins the Monday prior to the weekend.

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