Picture Perfect: 6 Great Photo Spots in Houston

With the creation of selfie sticks, it's now easier than ever to take pictures everywhere you go. However, certain places add that extra blast of color and setting that turn a simple portrait into a picture to remember. Houston has no shortage of photo opportunities, and it's worth noting these six standout locations.

We Love Houston Sign

1. The "We Love Houston" Sign

This sign declares its love for the city while standing an impressive 28-feet tall. It's a three-dimensional sculpture created by Houston artist David Adickes. Adickes' choice to use the word "We" instead of other cities' choice of "I" embodies the Houston's inclusive mindset. Each letter is a rainbow color that captures the vibrancy and diversity of the city. The iconic image is emblazoned on Houston products, as well as featured in commercials and photographs. The sculpture can be found at 1816 Thompson St. on property owned by the artist. It was a gift to the city but there is no designated parking. Be careful walking to the sign as weather conditions can leave the ground surrounding it bumpy.

Sculpture at Market Square Park in Houston

2. Market Square Park

Market Square Park offers a cornucopia of picturesque nooks. The small, well-designed park has fountains, mosaics and sculptures. Across the street from the park on the side of Treebeards restaurant sits one of Houston's most colorful and most frequently photographed murals. The work by artist GONZO247 is a rainbow explosion of spray paint glory proclaiming, "Houston is Inspired." The piece is featured on the screen at the Bush International Airport welcoming visitors.

JPMorgan Chase Tower Sky Lobby in Houston

3. JPMorgan Chase Tower Sky Lobby

If you want to take a picture from inside but still feature a uniquely Houston flavor, visit the JPMorgan Chase Tower at 600 Travis St. and take the elevator up to the Sky Lobby. The building is open to the public during traditional office hours, and the 60th floor has floor-to-ceiling windows offering one of the best views of the city. The observation deck provides an outlook on three sides, and unlike observation decks in other cities, the view at JPMorgan Chase is completely free!

Statue in Hermann Park in Houston

4. Hermann Park

Hermann Park is one of Houston's most beloved stretches of land. With the zoo on one side and the Museum of Natural Science on the other, it contains miles of running trails, picnic tables, ponds and a reflection pool. Top-notch sculptures are sprinkled throughout the park and rotate regularly. You may find a giant spider sculpture or a hut made of twisted wood. If you're feeling really jovial, take a ride on the mini-train that drives around the park to get an action shot.

Students walking on campus at Rice University in Houston

5. Rice University

Few streets are as picturesque as the entrance to Rice University. Canopied by several varieties of old oak trees, Rice has earned the distinction of "Tree Campus USA" by the Arbor Day Foundation. Add an assemblage of buildings with unique and diverse architecture to the forestlike setting and the Rice campus encompasses myriad possibilities for memorable photos.

Men posing at the Biscuit Paint Wall in Houston

6. The Biscuit Paint Wall

Affectionately known as The Biscuit Paint Wall, the dripped paint mural on the side of Biscuit Paint at 1435 Westheimer is the perfect backdrop for a bright and bold portrait. Painted by Mr. D (Eyeful Art), the mural has become a regular stopping point for tourists and locals. The store is determined to maintain the mural for as long as it is being enjoyed

Whether you opt for a mural, nature or indoor backdrop, you'll find ample opportunity to take awesome photos all around Houston.

 By Jenn Haight