Much to our collective dismay, Halloween is on a Wednesday this year. Thankfully, October is polka-dotted with spooky and autumnal events as we delve deeper into Decorative Gourd And Pumpkin Spice Season™. The skull-goblet-half-full take is that non-weekend Halloween years just provide more opportunity for costume changes. If you wanna get extra with it, you can dress up on Friday, perform a Cher-level costume change for Saturday, and execute the big reveal finale on Wednesday the 31st. 

Saturday the 27th may as well be Halloween, as we all know that the unofficial rule is that the closest weekend preceding the 31st is New Halloween. For New Halloween 2018, you can head over to The Secret Group, Houston’s best comedy venue, for a spooky Halloween edition of Fixation. Houston’s premier kink event, Fixation always features burlesque and dancing, fetish qcdisplays, prizes, and a general celebration of the strange and sexy. This night will include a costume contest, but it should be noted that almost every Fixation event is more costume-heavy than your average party. Leather and latex, costume contacts, dog collars, and gimp masks abound, so if you’re planning to dress up, be prepared to take it up a notch! 

Hustle on over into downtown for the Halloween Pub Crawl on Saturday from 3 PM-8 PM. With over 50 bars within walking distance, downtown is sure to be dudded out in costumed debauchery. If you’re already in the downtown vicinity, be sure to stop by some of Houston’s oldest buildings housing purportedly haunted bars. Public Services Wine & Whisky, the site of Houston’s old Cotton Exchange in the 1800s, conducts regular ghost tours year round, but their Halloween rendition is sure to be extra spooky. La Carafe and Warren’s Inn are always a sure bet with such historic settings that survived many a fire in Houston’s early days. 

If your preferred haunt is in the Gayborhood, Montrose will be popping off on Saturday night as well. Bar Boheme is hosting a Halloween Drag Party from 9 PM-Midnight, featuring fantastic drag performances by Chloe Knox, Cyn City, Chloe Crawford, and Angelina. The obligatory costume contest will include $1000 in prizes. A big hit every year, The Montrose Pub Crawl starts Saturday the 27th at 8 PM at El Real. Load up on tacos and queso before the big trek as the group heads down Westheimer towards Anvil with frequent stops along the way. 

If you’re not too busy handing out candy on Wednesday the 31st, head to Secret Group for their annual Spooky Standup event in which costumed comedians perform novel material based on their character. Top the night off with Numbers Halloween at Houston’s infamous goth club, Numbers. Considering that every night is Halloween at Numbers, actual Halloween at Numbers is sure to be a goth shooting star of a spectacle.