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2306 Genesee St Houston | Houston, TX 77006

Step inside Montrose’s Meteor lounge—a surrealist scene of flashing video monitors, wild music and cute boys shaking it in their skivvies.

Video screens, huge and not-so-huge, dot the walls in a ceaseless synchronized flux of music-video artistry, playing a variety of hip and sometimes obscure bands. A prerecorded mix of hip-hop, electronica, new wave and other mood-lifting, uptempo styles flood the club. Enormous sofas and divans tastefully ornament the postmodern flat. Gorgeous men cool off (and heat the rest of the party up) in the on-stage showers, while the well-dressed relax on one of the couches or on the outside patio.

Stop by for a half-priced happy hour Wednesday through Sunday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.